Chalazia And Styes

What Are Chalazia And Styes? lumps that develop on or around the outer border of the eyelids are known as styes and chalazia. They may be bothersome, but they are seldom life-threatening. For the most part, there is no need for medical intervention. When an infection on the eyelid develops a sensitive red lump, it’s called a stye. There are […]

Treatment And Causes Of Eye Discharge In Infants, Babies, And Children

It is typical for toddlers and infants to have eye discharge, which is usually safe. There are a number of reasons for eye discharge, such as an obstructed tear duct or an allergy or viral infection that may be treated at home. However, certain occurrences may progress to infection or be an indication of a more serious underlying illness. Contact […]

When You Sleep, Your Eye Boogers Will Become More Visible.

Rheum is made up of materials that you produce during the day, but it’s more noticeable while you’re asleep. When you’re awake, your eyelids move continually. In Dr. Kathuria’s words, this flushes out any surplus tear fluid that might otherwise build into rheum. Sleeping allows this matter to accumulate around your eyes since you’re not blinking, allowing it to build […]